anyattt4I'm a Hungarian breeder. I've been living in countryside since my childhood. I've had cat all the time sometimes more than one. At my 40th birthday (It was in 1999 we are breeding since than) my husband agreed to me to have a cat in our own house. We decided to Maine Coon type in order to size and the same time handsome and elegant figure. We have bought a couple of excellent quality and intelligent cats. They have been gladdening our weekdays since that time. Our three son likes these grand animals very much. My youngest son Balazs tries to give back theirs beauty on pictures.




h3In order to a new breed line I bought a tomcat from Austria. Our children and my husband and me are also happy because he is nicer than we was waiting. All of my family love my new hobby, because they are so sweet and nice, and loveable creatures. My plan is to keep and make better our kittens quality. I grow them up with lots of love and with best quality food. If you would like to buy a new kitten this is the best choice for you.